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What is an Ex Parte Order?

Divorce meeting

When it comes to divorce proceedings, many parties have heard of Ex Parte orders but are not clear on what they mean and how they apply to different family law cases. Ex Parte orders are truly emergency orders. They are common in family law proceedings but not always necessary. It is important to understand these… Read more »

What is the Automatic Temporary Restraining Order?

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Understanding the Family Law Automatic Restraining Orders or ATROs Emotions run high when it comes to a divorce proceeding. The parties may be hurt and may wish to do something to hurt the other party, such as clearing out the bank account, kicking the other party out of the home or making decisions regarding the… Read more »

How Are Pets Handled in a Divorce?

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For many California families, their pets are just as much a member of the family as their children. However, for the most part, the law has considered these beloved pets to be equivalent to property in a divorce. This treatment will change soon with the passage of a recent law that details how dogs, cats… Read more »

What Happens When a Child Doesn’t Want to Go for Visitation?

Child doesn't want to go to visitation

Divorce and custody battles can be difficult for anyone involved, but they are even more difficult on the minor children of the parties, especially if custody and parenting time arrangements are in dispute. Many times, the child may side with one parent over the other. Perhaps the child will not want to go see the… Read more »

Do I Need an Attorney for my Divorce?

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Going through a divorce is a stressful process for any individual but adding the thought of hiring an attorney to go through that process makes that stress even more substantial. Many times, parties can finalize a divorce without the assistance of an attorney, but many circumstances almost always require hiring attorney. Uncontested Divorce If parties… Read more »

How Does Domestic Violence Affect a Family Law Case?

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Family law cases are always full of emotion, which can be easy to understand. After all, something has to be the reason behind why the parties do not want to stay in a relationship. However, many times, that reason for the divorce can be domestic violence. These types of cases commonly occur, and when they… Read more »

How Should You Prepare for Custody Mediation?

Custody Mediation

Preparing for Custody Mediation Most California courts have a Family Services division, which require parties to participate in mandatory mediation when custody issues are involved. Unlike private mediations with a mediator the parties privately pay, these are done in front of a court-appointed mediator who is usually a retired judge or lawyer and is free… Read more »

Is Student Loan Debt Leading to Divorce?

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Student Loan Debt Crippling Young Marriages and Leading to Divorce Finances have traditionally been a leading cause for why marriages end in divorce. Debt can cripple more than just a person’s finances. As a result, as a couple has more debt, the chances for conflict resulting in divorce often go up, as well. As younger… Read more »

Can Modification be Made to a Family Law Judgement?

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After a divorce is finalized or custody order entered, life does not always stop. Circumstances change and emergencies happen. Many times, the order that the parties agreed on is no longer what works for one or more of the individuals involved. While the order may say “final” on it, this title does not mean that… Read more »

Questions to Ask your Divorce Attorney at the Initial Consultation

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What Are the Lawyer’s Specialties? What Is the Attorney’s Experience? How Long Does the Attorney Take to Return Communication? Will There Be Anyone Else Working on the Case? How Will the Client Be Charged? Are There Other Anticipated Costs? What Obstacles Does the Lawyer Anticipate in the Case? Filing for divorce can be a confusing… Read more »