We believe in being strong for our clients.

We Do Family Law

About Us

Located in Los Angeles, my practice specializes in Family Law. I work with individuals and families to help them resolve life issues quickly and in a way that results in them getting the best possible outcome.

My areas of expertise include divorce, spousal support, child custody and paternity as well as mediation and restraining orders. My first objective when meeting with each and every individual is to build a strong attorney/client relationship.

Experience has taught me that the stronger this relationship, the more fiercely I can represent your rights—and your future.

Our Philosophy

I believe that when people are going through difficult family law issues, which are often some of the most difficult times of their lives, they need someone who they can count on. When going through a divorce or child custody battle, it’s natural to feel vulnerable, anxious and concerned for the future. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to be there to be strong for my clients. Whether in a pressure filled courtroom or during a consultation in my office, I come ready to fight for you and be the one who refuses to back down against anyone who tries to take away those things and those people you hold dear.

"Throughout the process, she stood up for me and never backed down."

Attorney Samantha Voss

Samantha J. Voss

Associate, Owner

“From the moment I first talked with Sam, she took the time to listen and understand my situation. Throughout the process, she stood up for me and never backed down.”

I turned to Sam for help and now I can’t imagine navigating the legal system without her. Each step of the way she made things easy to understand so I was confident in my decisions and comfortable with every action we took.”

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